Xordle is an alternate version of the famous word game Wordle. The premise is the same as in other games, except in this one, you must solve two puzzles at the same time!

How to play

This personalized Wordle is a simple puzzle that has gone viral because it's easy to do and you only get 9 chances to solve it (the same for all players). If the user figures out the word, they won't be able to play again until they get a link to a new word. From our point of view, it was a success because it looks like a fun challenge that you can't stop doing.

The rules of Xordle are to find the hidden word in nine tries:

  • Each try must be a 5-letter word that makes sense.
  • The color of the letters changes after each try to show how close you are to getting the word.
  • There are two hidden words. They don't share any letters.
  • You have 9 chances to get both words right.
  • You start with a clue chosen at random. Everyone has the same experience.

The game lets you share the results on social networks, showing the order of your guesses with colors but not the letters. This makes it more fun and interesting to try to figure out the word that your friends have challenged you to guess. the word that came before.

Tips of game: used "fjord waltz quick nymph gybes"

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