Waffle is the latest in a long line of Wordle opponents to keep your eye on during your break, but it's honestly one of the strongest I've played. Waffle combines the basic rules of Wordle (right down to the green and yellow codes) with the interlocking words you can find on the legendary crossword newspaper.

How to play

Some things remain the same between the two games. A green square means you have selected the correct letter and position, and a yellow square means that the letter is in the word but in one position. The game's criss-cross design, however, means that any yellow square on a corner can either belong to the vertical or horizontal word it's connected to.

While Waffle gives you all the letters you'll need to solve that day's puzzle, it increases the difficulty by putting some letters in the wrong place. And don't think you can just do it. Dragging and swapping every square is completely unnecessary — you only have 15 swaps (moves) to make the magic happen, or else you lose. You won't know if a move is correct or not. until you've done it. However, the game's developer has stated that every game can be solved in just 10 moves.

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