Wordle is the most popular word guessing game today. This is an interesting game that is highly appreciated by the community of game lovers. 


Right from the start, the Wordle game has received extremely unexpected results. It has really exploded across social networking sites and is highly appreciated by game players. 


What are the rules of the Wordle game?


Wordle is a word quiz game in which players have to guess a 4-letter to 11-letter word. Players only have 6 times to find the final answer. Unlocking the hidden words in this game is the ultimate goal for the players. The hidden words are not limited to topics.


In the first play, there is no hint for the player. You can enter any legal word in the blank box. However, a tip for players is to choose words that contain many vowel words and try to use a word that doesn’t contain repeating letters. For example, the word “table” or “radio”. This will help you get more suggestions for the next answers.


After entering the word in an empty cell, press Enter. The letter in the word will then be colored based on whether it’s in the hidden word or in the right position. 

Green means that the letter is in the hidden word and in the correct position. You need to fill these letters down to the next box in the same position. 

Yellow means that that letter is in the hidden word but in the wrong position, you can associate it to find a correct position in the next guess. 

Gray means there's no such letter in the target word so please remove it in your follow-up answers.


Based on the color of words, you can narrow down options to search for hidden words. You need to use your knowledge and understanding of a variety of words, memorize them and fill in the appropriate words.


Interestingly, a letter can appear twice in the answer. For example, the word"interest" has the letters "T" and "E" appearing twice. So for the green letters, you can answer again in the next guess but in different positions.


The wordle game has some interesting features to make your gaming experience become better. You can try a dark theme mode and a high-contrast theme for colorblind accessibility. If you are a word genius and you want to challenge to higher levels, turn on "Hard Mode" in the Settings or open the word challenge in 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, and 11 letter words.


Now that you know about Wordle rules! Start playing Wordle today and share your Wordle journey with friends! Looking for a new taste? Then play a series of Papa's games. It takes you to the cooking world of different dishes!



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