Banana Clicker

Banana Clicker is a new clicker game. The game revolves around a single action: clicking on a banana. The goal is to create a huge amount of broaching as quickly as possible.

Game Overview

The game was released in April 2024 on Steam. It has strange but addictive gameplay. The game has rapidly increased in visits since its launch.
The game has bananas with different designs. Some are extremely strong swords with unique designs.

How to play Banana Game

Click the Banana

Clicking on the banana will increase your banana count. Click a lot to increase your banana intake quickly.

Random Banana drops

The game includes these special bananas. They have unique designs, from cherry blossoms to gentlemen's wear, bringing excitement to discovery.

Customize your banana

Players will be able to use their collected bananas to change the banana's appearance in the game. Show off your talent to create the most unique and trendy banana.

Banana Clicker has brought a new breeze to clicking and idle games with interesting, strange things. Are you curious? Don't hesitate to click and enjoy it!

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