Wordle Peaks

Wordle Peaks is a Wordle spin-off in which the tiles display whether your letters are higher or lower in the alphabet than the correct letters.

How to play Wordle Peaks

There are five letters in the word. After you have made a guess, you will be shown a percentage that indicates how close the letters you guessed are to the actual letters in the alphabet. Find the coded word starting from this location.

When you use Wordle Peaks, each letter you type will give you a colorful response, just like Wordle. But Wordle Peaks is different in a few ways. Every green letter is correct (at the peak). The letter is yellow and too high up in the alphabet (almost at the peak). And "blue" isn't high enough on the list (lowest point).

Wordle Peaks is more interesting because of the colors, but that's not all. Each chosen tile tells you where in the alphabet the letter you need is. This helps you narrow down your choices (e.g., between I and R). By putting the clues in alphabetical order, you can see what the answer might be without cheating.

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