Weaver Game

Weaver Game is a puzzle game of a new kind. Over 150 levels, you can use logic to fold the lines and match colors using a simple and stylish interface. Weaver, a daily word ladder game, is based on an idea developed by novelist Lewis Carroll. It is said that the Alice in Wonderland author invented the concept to entertain his children on a Christmas day in the nineteenth century, naming the brainteaser 'word-links.'

How to play

The problem challenges you to weave your way from the beginning to the conclusion of the word, changing one letter at a time.

  • The game will only take words from its dictionary, and as you add a new word, any letters in the correct location will turn green, similar to Wordle.
  • Every day, a new puzzle is accessible, and the game saves your stats, so it might get extremely addicting.
  • Following the completion of a game, a screen appears informing you of the optimal score for that game and how you compared, as well as a running number of puzzles you've completed, your current streak, and your longest ever streak.

It also displays a countdown meter for when your next puzzle will be accessible to add to the anticipation.

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