Triplets is a game in which players try to create patterns out of hexagonal tiles' symbols. Each tile has one, two, or three symbols in one of three different colors and forms. A triplet is made up of three tiles with either the same or different attributes.

Triplets is a game that will twist your brain while also stretching your visual perception and pattern matching skills. The 2010 KublaCon Game Design Contest was won by Triplets.

How to play

In 3 minutes, find as many Triplets as you can! A triplet is made up of three (3) cards. Each card has four qualities, each with three alternatives.

The tiles must be arranged in a honeycomb lattice of overlapping rings. The three tiles must be on a single ring of hexagons to be scored, and each triplet is scored by placing a marker in the open middle of the ring. On a single ring, many triplets can be produced, and each tile is part of three rings, allowing for multiple scoring opportunities on each turn. The game is won by the person who scores the most triplets.

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