Subwaydle is a fun way to put your knowledge about New York's subway system to the test. Backtracking and transfers must be followed, but the main purpose is to figure out the day's trip based on subway markers. If you are not from New York or do not use public transportation, you may find this version difficult.

In six tries, players must estimate the secret three-train route using only valid transfers. The line will turn green if it is in the correct position, and yellow if it is part of the final solution but in the wrong sequence, much like in the original game. You can even post your color-coded outcomes to social media.

How to play

  • In order to begin the game of Duotrigordle, choose eight tiles at random from a set of 32 tiles, and then arrange them in front of you with their backs facing up.
  • You can flip the tile that is currently on top to reveal a new tile beneath it after all eight tiles have been placed.
  • The tile will move across the board in the opposite direction if your guess was correct.
  • If you respond incorrectly, choose a different tile from your settings and retry the question until you obtain eight accurate responses.
  • Be selective when selecting your word because you can only select one at a time. Best regards!

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