Strands is a new word game that offers a daily brain teaser for word enthusiasts, combining the concept of word search puzzles with a unique twist: finding words that connect to a specific daily theme.

About Strands:Uncover Words

The game was developed by the New York Times Games team. The new puzzle game ensures a similar level of clever design and addictive gameplay as the beloved game Wordle.

The game is suitable for all ages and skill levels, providing an intuitive gameplay experience with adjustable difficulty.

How to play Strands - New NYT puzzle games

The game presents a 6-by-8 grid of letters. Take note of the theme provided for the puzzle. Scan the grid for words related to the given topic.

Words can be formed by connecting adjacent letters vertically, horizontally, or diagonally. Look for a longer word that connects two opposite sides of the grid. This word, known as the "spangram," encapsulates the commonality among all the theme words.

Click or tap on letters to form words. Once you've identified a word, submit it by clicking or tapping on the letters in the correct sequence. If the word is correct and relevant to the theme, it will be accepted.

Continue finding theme words and the spangram until you've filled out the grid or reached the maximum number of words allowed.

Unlike traditional word searches, Strands Unlimited allows players to guess as many words as they like without penalty.

Discovering the spangram provides clues about the remaining words fitting the category.

Tips of the Strands Puzzle Game

These tips can help you master the Strands puzzle:

  • Start with the Clue
  • Hunt for the Spangram
  • Utilize the Hint System
  • Practice Makes Perfect

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