Sedecordle is a challenging version of Wordle but with 16x the difficulty. You have 21 guesses to solve all the unique puzzles every day and no limit!

This is one Wordle variation that came out recently and lets you work on many puzzles at once. The level of difficulty is what makes it different.

How to play

You type the letters of the word you think it is and then press "Enter" to find out if you were right. The position of each letter will be shown by the color of the letter.
If the cell turns green, that means that letter is in the hidden words and is in the right place. If the cell turns yellow, it is in the hidden words but in the wrong place. If you define a letter wrong, it won't change color.

  • To finish the game, you have 21 chances to find 16 mysterious words.
  • Words that don't work will be red.
  • After 21 guesses, you'll have a list of the results, which you can share if you want.


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