In Sedecordle, you must guess 16 5-letter words in 21 tries or less. On-screen grid hides 16 words. In this game, you must place letters in words correctly to find consecutive words. All words in the grid must be guessed in 21 attempts to win.

How to play

  • Click any letter at the bottom of the grid to type it into the first empty cell. The letter will be used twice for two words at the same time.
  • Once you've typed 5 letters, press the Enter button. Please note: words that can't be used will turn red. If so, you should type them again so they are correct.
  • To move ahead in the game, use color clues. If you choose the right letter and put it in the right place, the tiles for two words that use that letter will turn green. When the right letter for a word is picked but put in the wrong place, the tiles turn yellow. Gray tiles mean that the word doesn't use these letters. As you move through the game, you will have fewer options to choose from.
  • Click the Backspace button to get rid of letters that were spelled wrong.
  • Use the numbers at the top of the grid to switch to the corresponding word pair. To go to the fifth puzzle board, for example, click on the number 5.
    Try to guess all of the words in 21 tries or less to win.

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