Scholardle game is based on an open-source project called Reactle, which was designed as a Worlde clone that could be freely shared and edited into different versions or themes. It's built with the same open-source code that powered the Pokémon-themed Squirdle and the Harry Potter-themed Wizarding Wordle.

Scholardle is marketed as a Wordle for those who enjoy a good challenge. It was created by the same company that created the academic proofreading tool Writeful and follows the same template as the original game.

How to play

You must guess a five-letter word in five or fewer attempts, using color clues to narrow down the correct answer. Every 24 hours, the target word is reset, and the game keeps track of your winning streak.

The twist is that you won't be guessing words from everyday vocabulary, but rather words from the esoteric, jargon-filled world of academia. Its creators claim to have compiled a list of the top academic words for Scholardle, effectively challenging your understanding of the English language's most obscure vocabulary.

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