Strands NYT

Strands NYT is a new puzzle game that brings a unique breath of fresh air to word game fans. Your task in the game is to search for the word of the day on a grid of letters.

How to play

The game gives you a 6x8 grid of jumbled letters. You must rely on it to search for words related to that day's topic. These letters will be the hint for the final mystery word. When you discover a word, it turns blue. You must rely on these words to guess the final word.

In each puzzle, you will see 48 letters. These letters can be connected to each other in straight or diagonal lines, as desired.

The ultimate goal is to find the date's topic by finding all the themed words and finally revealing the Spangram. A spangram is a word that uses all the letters of the given letters.

Every day, a new puzzle will appear. If you fail, you have to wait until the next day for a new chance.

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