Quardle is a word game that was created recently after the New York Times purchased a puzzle game called "Wordle" in January of this year. Many new word games have entered the market to pique the interest of word game enthusia.  

How to play

To play this game, complete the puzzle by following the steps outlined below.

  • The game provides nine attempts for guessing four-words.
  • The players are given assistance in the form of a coloring tile, similar to Wordle.
  • Green for the correct letter and location.
  • Yellow for the correct letter but incorrect location.
  • Grey for the incorrect letter

How is this Game different from Wordle?

Josh Wardle created the wordle game as a gift for his partner. Josh put the game online in October 2021 after playing it for a while, and it gradually gained popularity among puzzle fans.

  • The fundamentals of both games are nearly identical.
  • Wordle gives four attempts per word, whereas Quardle gives nine attempts per day for four words.
  • In both games, the clue is provided by changing the color of the tiles.
  • Quardle has a higher difficulty level than Wordle.

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