Polyordle wordle is a N simultaneous game that is similar to the popular wordle game, but this time it has been changed so that you have to guess a challenge in the daily unlimited wordle mode. This game can only be played once a day, every day.

How to play

Polyordle is a new version of Wordle in which you can choose how many boards to play and how many guesses to make. You can make your own wordle by going to any number of boards. You can start the Polyordle game by putting in as many boards as you want.

You can solve it with as few as five words, or you can use as many as a thousand words all at once:

  • You put a random five-letter word in the first column, just like you do with Wordle.
  • The tiles will then change color, and you can try to guess the next words.
  • Putting the right letter in the right spot will make the tiles turn green.
  • The tiles will turn yellow if you put the right letter in the wrong place.
  • Look at the tiles and use your knowledge of words to figure out what each one says.

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