Phrazle is a fun, addicting copy of the popular word puzzle game Wordle. While Wordle is all about solving word puzzles, Phrazle is all about solving puzzles made up of phrases. So, in Phrazle, you have to figure out the Phrase of the Day by solving multiple word puzzles at once. With so many letters and words to guess, it's easy to lose focus, but someone reminded us all that there's a simple Phrazle trick that might help!

Phrazle might seem hard at first, but once you learn how to use it and put your Wordle skills to the test, it's easy to become obsessed with it. 

How to play

Like in Wordle, the color of the tiles will change depending on how close you are to the right answer. Players get six chances to guess the phrase. They must use valid words and all of the spaces.

  • A green letter means that not only is your letter correct, but it is also in the right place.
  • Yellow means the letter is correct, but in the wrong place and purple indicates there is that letter somewhere in the phrase, but not in the word you guessed.
  • As with Wordle, gray means you picked the wrong letter.

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