Mathler is a game that consists of players having to guess a mathematical operation. You have to guess the solution in six goes or less · This game is quite simple. It entails solving the correct mathematical operation in any number of attempts, depending on the difficulty option you select. If you are successful, Math Wordle will display you how long it took you to solve the game. It then provides you the choice to share it on social media. It can only be played for one day, but you may certainly show it to your friends.

How to play

This game is a simple hobby that has gone widespread due to its simplicity and the fact that you can play in three distinct settings. Mathler (5 squares and 1 operator), Easy Mathler (5 squares and up to 2 operators), and Hard Mathler (6 squares and up to 2 operators) (8 squares and up to 3 operators).

Find the hidden calculation using several guesses depending on the level of difficulty. The colors after each estimate will indicate how accurate you were.

Game rules for Mathler

  • The first five and/ characters are placed correctly.
  • The second five is located elsewhere in the answer.
  • The solutions do not include 0, -, or 2.

Added guidelines:

  • Operators and numbers may appear more than once!
  • Before - or +, calculate / or *. (order of operations).
  • Solutions that are commutative are acceptable, such as 20+7+3 and 3+7+20.

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