Kilordle is a word game similar to Wordle, but instead of playing one game at a time, you play numerous games of Wordle at the same time, and each guess is applied to each individual game. You win when you correctly solve every wordle game.

You don't have to guess the precise word for any of the individual games in kilordle. That will suffice as long as you guess words with letters in the precise places. You have an unlimited number of guesses. For example, if the word for one of the individual games is "CARTS," then if you guess "CAtch" and then "foRTS," that particular game will be solved because you guessed a word that has C as the first letter, A as the second letter, R as the third letter, and so on.

One basic kilordle method is to type in a sequence of words that covers every potential word in the dictionary.

How to play

The advantage of having so many words to guess is that getting at least a few correct responses right away is much easier. However, the game could have you solving it for hours on end, which could be bliss for Wordle aficionados. The number of words left to guess can be found in the upper right corner of your screen.

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