Gordle game is a hockey-themed version of Wordle, the internet's newest addictive word game, with the goal of solving mystery words in six or fewer guesses. The game, which is played on a five-by-six grid of squares, shows you which of the letters you've guessed are correct, incorrect, or in the wrong place by using green, yellow, and grey color coding.

Instead of the random phrases used in Wordle, Gordle uses the last names of hockey players, giving the addictive game a new — and difficult — twist. The name is GOrdle, and the game is guessing skins. 

You get feedback in the shape of miniature crate boxes (a lovely touch), which glow green when you get a category right and, unlike Wordle, will tell if you should aim higher or lower in some categories. If you don't want to deal with the daily restriction, there's also a free play option, and you can see it all in action with some nice plinky-plonk music below.

How to play

The game requests hockey players with five-letter last names, past or current, and will put even the most sophisticated puck-lover to the test. For those unfamiliar with the gun economy in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, the game offers a large variety of weapon skins, each with their own condition, rarity, and changeable price.


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