Globle is a new twist on everyone's favorite word game. The parallels are fleeting, with Globle giving a geography-based puzzle with a fresh answer to solve every day. Those who want to play need merely guess any country. The game will then notify you of your progress, allowing you to narrow down your alternatives.

Globle is a Wordle-inspired game in which you can play hot or cold with countries. Globle may certainly throw a twist or two your way as you try to determine what the Mystery Country for today is in as few attempts as possible.

How to play

To begin playing Globle, choose any country.

  • You will then be provided with a color match for that country. The closer you are, the darker the color.
  • After a few guesses, you'll be able to narrow down the answer. A smart advice is to choose larger countries with borders to other countries.
  • This method allows you to clear big parts of the map.

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Word Games

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