Fusekle is a daily fuseki guessing game, to improve your 9x9 fuseki knowledge (from the makers of Josekle).

KataGo has determined that each player's opening is roughly equivalent to the other's in every position (assuming area scoring and 7.0 komi). They do not necessarily feature prominently in the games that humans play. Openings for 9x9 games compiled by antonTobi (OGS user). 

How to play

Try to figure out the secret fuseki by submitting sequences of moves. Moves that are shown in green as being performed at the appropriate place and time within the sequence.

  • The color purple denotes points that are supposed to be in the sequence but have the wrong timing or the wrong color stone.
  • The points marked in red are ones that are not included in the fuseki.

A new puzzle is available every day! For a greater challenge!


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