Foodle is a word guessing game inspired by Wordle. The most significant difference between Foodle and Wordle is that Foodle requires players to give answers related to the topic of food.

If you love food then Foodle is the perfect game for you! it's also really fun and a great way to explore topics that you love. It's still a word game, but instead of coming up with random words, you must come up with food-related responses. It's as difficult as Wordle but so much more enjoyable!

How to play

Players start the game by typing a five-letter word of their choice, similar to Wordle. However, these words must be related to food; otherwise, it will not be accepted. Sauces, Salads, and Berries are some examples of words that can get you started.

You can also ask to add a five-letter food-related word to the game's existing word list if you predict it.

The player will then have six times to correctly identify the daily Foodle word. A new Foodle answer is added daily.


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