Flagle is a free web-based flag guessing game in which players have six chances to guess the correct answer. The game is based on the Country Flag Map, where players can guess the name of the territory or play the Country Flag or State.

How to play

This game is free to play on mobile or PC through a browser. For example, if Japan's Mystery Country Flag is guessed, the following countries will appear with these colors. You can find detailed instructions for playing the Flagle word puzzle game here: 

  • Open the Flagle game's official website,, or download the Android app.
  • You now see an empty box on the screen where you must enter the Country Name, and you have a total of six attempts.
  • In six attempts, identify the Flagle Flags. Each guess will reveal another portion of the flag and provide a geographical hint.
  • Every day, a new Flagle will be available!

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