Driverdle is a game where you try to guess a famous Formula One driver with as few guesses as possible. A daily game played once in today's challenge mode or randomly in infinite mode. All of the points are changed to fit the current system.

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How to play Driverdle

It's a simple game that has gone viral because of how easy it is and how you only get one chance each day to solve the challenge. F1 wordle has a one-grid system where you try to guess an F1 player as quickly as possible.

The mysterious F1 driver is needed for the Driverle version of the game. As you write your answer, it will give you hints and tips as you go.

  • Green in any column means the answer is right!
  • Red in any column means the answer is wrong!
  • To make it easier to find players, almost all of them were taken out of the F1 database.

Every day, a new driver is a mystery.

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