Countryle is a wordle game in which players must guess the hidden country within the number of attempts provided. Playing online geography and map games is a great way to learn more about the world around you. Playing games about different places around the world can teach you a lot.

The Countryle Wordle game has very simple rules. Like in a wordle game, players must guess the country name before the game begins to provide clues related to their answer.

To easily guess the hidden country, players must generate more clues from the puzzle. Players can choose between 2D and 3D maps of the country. It also provides information such as coordinates, hemisphere details, population, direction detail, and so on. Furthermore, the three colors—red, yellow, and green—are used to indicate the answer's proximity.

How to play

Here are the full instructions for how to play the Countryle word puzzle game:

  • Now there's a blank box on the screen where you need to type in the location. You have a total of 6 chances to get it right.
  • You have 6 tries to guess the Countryle.
  • Each guess must be correct for the country on the game board. To send, click the GUESS button.
  • After each guess, you'll get clues like the direction, continent, average temperature, and more about where it could be.

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