Cloudle Is the latest Wordle spin-off for weather forecasting. You discovered 81 words using the Jumble Word Solver. The above results will assist you in completing your daily word jumble puzzle. Rob Ousbey, a former marketing executive who now builds bots, created Cloudle. Going from bot-building to Wordle-like isn't a big leap, but instead of making a game that guesses anything, Ousbey incorporated his interests in meteorology and geography into the game. 

How to play

Cloudle provides nine weather tiles for a given day to choose from: clear, cloudy, scattered clouds, overcast, drizzle, rain, thunderstorm, snow, and mist.

  • Cloudle assigns players to a city somewhere in the world and then presents them with a range of possible forecasts for the next five days.
  • Sunny, partly cloudy, cloudy, very cloudy, fog, scattered showers, showers, thunderstorms, and snow are all possibilities.
  • Because there are far fewer options than in Wordle, even non-meteorologists can easily guess the forecast.

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