Chessle is a fun chess-themed puzzle game. You must select an opening and admire the lovely color. In today's challenge, the Chessle Game is a daily game that can be played once per day. Every day at midnight Pacific Standard Time, Chessle is reset. . We are pleased to introduce Chessle, which is similar to Wordle but for chess openings. The guidelines are very easy to understand. You are required to go through one of the openings of your choosing, and oh, look at all those pretty colors!

How to play

The rules are straightforward; you must enter an opening of your choosing and admire the vibrant hues. You can play Normal Mode (3 moves per side) or Expert Mode (5 moves per side). You have six guesses, and a new Chessle is generated every day at midnight PST.

  • Green on Nf3 indicates that Nf3 was played at that particular position (White on move 2).
  • Yellow on d4 indicates that either white or black played d4, but not at that specific location (White on move 1).
  • Grey on d5 indicates that neither white nor black played d5.
  • Consider the moves to be exactly as the text indicates. Nxe5 is not equivalent to Ne5!
  • You have 6 guesses.

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