Chessguessr is a game in which you attempt to predict the next moves in a chess game. All positions are currently taken from Lichess games. A daily game of chess guessing. Try to guess what moves were made in real games. Every day at midnight UTC, a new position will be available to be filled.

How to play Chessguessr

You will see a position in a game of chess. Try to guess the next five moves in the game. After each guess, the tile's color changes to give you a clue. It's kind of like Wordle or Chessle, but for chess.

  • Green is the right move when it comes up.
  • The yellow move hits, but it's in the wrong place.
  • The red piece was moved to this spot, but it was the wrong move. In this case, a knight was played, but it might not have been the same one.


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