Box Office Game

Box Office Game is a puzzle game where you will take part in the exciting challenge of predicting the top five movies at the US domestic box office for a particular weekend. By tapping on each row, you can display suggestions, similar to the Worldle concept.

How to play

This web-based Box Office game offers a new challenge every day, providing excitement. Your goal is to predict the five highest-grossing movies in a given weekend, combining factors such as studio name, weekly box office statistics, and total earnings of the movie.

Each correct choice from the top five movies will reward you with 200 points. The game provides a series of helpful hints, including tagline, director, three main actors, budget, genre, and final gross, all of which are available in exchange for point deductions.

If you find yourself stuck, you can choose to sacrifice 180 points out of the 200 available per submission to access a synopsis that reveals what happened, potentially accidentally revealing the film's title. The game provides a wealth of information, creating the foundation for an engaging gaming experience.

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