Bardle is a Shakespeare-themed Wordle. Shakespearean words or characters are acceptable. This is not for ROMEO and ARIEL fans who are only casually interested in music. However, if you like the names OSRIC, FESTE, and EGEUS, you might really like this one.

Bardle is another variation of the well-known word game Wordle. The game's premise is somewhat similar to that of most of its substitutes; however, in this game, you have to choose a word that is connected to William Shakespeare!

How to play

The rules of Bardle Playing Bardle, a game that involves guessing Shakespeare's letters, is similar to playing Wordle. The following advice will assist you in taking part in the Bardle.

  • 5 columns and 6 rows will load on the screen.
  • Pick five-letter words from Shakespeare's language or from the characters he created.
  • Using the keyboard, select the letters.
  • Press the delete key to eliminate the letter that was written incorrectly (s).
  • To verify that the letter(s) you entered are correct, click Enter.

Whether or not your prediction was accurate will be shown by the color on the Bardle Wordle. The block's green hue denotes that the letter has been placed correctly. If something is yellow, it should not be there. If a letter is gray, it means that no copy of it can be found.

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