Absurdle is a "adversarial" variant of the game created by qntm, a coder. Wordle recognizes one word from its word bank, which the player must then guess. The goal of Absurdle is to last as long as possible by exploiting each of your assumptions against you.

Each of these gameplays is reserved for expert players, as is the ability to enlarge the word list for strange terms such as "AAHED" and "XYLYL." Absurdle may be the appropriate choice for people looking for an infinite amount of puzzles to solve and a more advanced experience. This game is known as the "adversarial form" of Wordle because it extends the experience by altering the hidden word with each guess, rather than having a predetermined word at the start.

How to play

  • Your goal is to compel the game to reduce the word pool to the word you want.
  • You begin the game with a clean slate. As the system continues to oppose you, the initial few words you input will most likely be completely grey.
  • Throughout the game, Absurdle is generating a word pool of possible solutions, which shrinks as you get closer to the word you've pinned.
  • The simplest technique to quickly limit down the list of viable words is to start with two words that have no related letters at all. This eliminates all terms in the first two words that contain those grey letters.

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