Taylordle is similar to Worldle in that participants are given six guesses to solve the word with no beginning clues. Taylordle was introduced to us by the Holy Swift podcast. It solely employs five-letter words from Swift's life and work (aka the "Swiftie Universe"). Eligible words can range from album titles (LOVER) to song titles (both BLANK and SPACE are options) to relevant names (SWIFT, obviously)

How to play

Taylordle differs from Wordle in that the qualifying five-letter words in Taylordle are related with Swift and her songs. "All of the terms are part of the Swiftie universe," Holy Swift said in a tweet. Aside from the Swift connection, Taylordle's regulations are identical to Wordle's.

  • You have six chances to guess today's surprise five-letter word.
  • When you enter a word, you'll see grey squares for missing letters, yellow squares for correct letters in the wrong position, and green squares for correct letters in the right place.
  • When you're through, you can share your findings on Twitter to see how you compare to other Swifties. There's always tomorrow if you don't receive the word today. "Shake It Off," as Taylor Swift once said.

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