ScrabWordle is a game based on Josh Wardle's enormously popular Wordle in which you try to solve a 5-letter problem.

ScrabWordle, like any other Wordle clone, requires you to guess a 5-letter word. As you guess, you'll see colored boxes based on the letter you entered: green if the letter is correctly placed, orange if the letter is correct but poorly positioned, and black if the letter isn't in the word.

How to play

ScrabWordle, like Wordle, is web-based and requires no app to play on your phone.

  • The puzzle has a bamboo wood-like background with Scrabble-like letters at the bottom.
  • The game defaults to "Normal," but you can alter it straight away. ScrabWordle prompts you to choose when it loads.
  • Normal mode gives you five attempts, Hard mode four, and Expert mode three. Select Start Game.
  • ScrabWordle, like Wordle, will inform you how accurate your guess was. It will display a green box over correctly put letters, an orange box over wrongly placed letters, and a black box if they are not present in the puzzle word at all.
  • Use previous green or orange boxes to guess. Keep the word score and puzzle score in sync to find the proper term. If you're only one or two letters away from solving the problem, make sure the word you input matches the Puzzle word score above the board.


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