Primel is a game where you try to guess the prime number. Like Wordle, players get more than one chance to guess a secret word by following hints. Players are asked to find a five-digit prime number instead of a secret word. Instead of Wordle, math nerds should play Primel, a guessing game that tests how well you know prime numbers.

How to play

Primel is easy to play as long as you know a lot about prime numbers. In Primel, you have to guess a prime number with 5 digits. When you guess a valid 5-digit prime, the game tells you which digits you got right.

  • To start, just pick a five-digit prime number. You'll get a series of green and yellow tiles based on how close your word is to the day's correct prime number.
  • When there are green tiles, the number is in the right place.
  • If you get a yellow tile, you know you have the right number, but it goes somewhere else.
  • You will have six chances to guess right.

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