Indigo Park

Indigo Park is a multi-chapter horror game with a focus on exploration and puzzle-solving. You explore an abandoned amusement park, Indigo Park, to uncover the mystery behind its closure.

Game Overview

This is the debut game of UniqueGeese Studios, newly launched on the Steam platform

Indigo Park Chapter 1 takes players into an abandoned amusement park as an explorer. Once a haven for children's laughter, the park is now in an ominous silence after a horrific incident forced its closure. Be brave enough to discover the truth behind its demise.

How to play

To find out the truth about the dark things in the park, you must perform missions with your AI companion named Rambley the Raccoo, such as:

Restore power to the park: Your first task is to restore power, lighting up the dark corners of the complex.

Avoid malfunctioning animatronics: Previously adorable characters have now become significant threats. Avoid their attacks to survive.

Solve puzzles to progress: The park is filled with complex puzzles, remnants of its former glory. Solve them strategically to find the answer.

Overall, Indigo Park is a thrilling horror game for anyone who loves scary exploration and puzzles. Join Indigo Park unblocked now and help the amusement park return to its inherent peace.

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