Footdle is a game based on the popular word game wordle, but this time it has been adapted to guess a football player from the Top 5 Leagues in the database (ENG, GER, ESP, FR, IT). It is a clever game known as football wordle. We will explain what Footdle is, how to download it, and why you should play Footdle Online. In this game, you must solve a mystery football player; it differs from Wordle, but if you enjoy soccer, we believe you will enjoy this online game!

This simple pastime has gone viral due to its simplicity and limited daily attempts. Footdle Online is a free, no-download word guessing game. Footdle uses a 1-grid system where you guess a football player as quickly as possible. Solve the player's name, position, league, nationality, and club. The game gives you hints as you play. Footdle doesn't let players play again after the day's game. Continue reading for instructions on infinite futdle.

How to play

This is the version in which you must become a football mysterios player in twelve attempts. When you write your player, it will tell you tips and clues after each attempt.

  • You have twelve guesses, so choose any current football player!
  • A match is indicated by green in any column!
  • Red in any column indicates that there is no match!
  • To make searching easier, almost all of the players in the Top 5 Leagues (ENG, GER, ESP, FR, IT) are still highly likely to be higher rated.
  • Every day, a new mystery player appears!

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