Decordle is a free version of the popular Wordle Game that uses ten words at a time. Play a different game every day. Playing daily and unrestricted word games is a great way to expand your vocabulary and sharpen your analytical abilities.

The games that are available to you in Jotto Digital have been developed in such a way that they will assist you in enhancing both your vocabulary and your analytical abilities.

How to play

In this puzzle, you have 16 chances to guess ten five-letter words. After each try, you'll find out if the letters you used are in the word you guessed.

Example: CHAIN
In the feedback I just gave,

  • The green highlight shows that the letter is in the same place in the word.
  • The yellow highlight means that the letter A is in the word, but it's not where you'd expect it to be.
  • The gray letters mean that those letters are not in the word.

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