Cross Wordle

Cross Wordle is a wordsmith's and puzzler's dream. This spin-off is a brilliant combination of Sudoku and Wordle, the internet's favorite word-guessing game. The game requires players to reverse-engineer a Wordle grid whose final answer is already known. You might wonder if the game is really that difficult if the solution is already available, but its numerous error alerts will have you reconsidering that decision in no time.

How to play

Players can only use the letters that make up the final solution in these colored tiles to make their guesses. The letter corresponding to that column must be placed exactly in that position in green tiles. Any of the remaining letters can be used for the yellow tiles, as long as they are deliberately placed in the wrong positions.

  • The goal is to guess the two crossing words in the fewest number of guesses possible. Each guess must be made up of correct words. You'll get a hint after each guess.
  • Green indicates that the letter is in its proper place. Yellow denotes a correct letter in the incorrect location. Each yellow tile represents one of those letters.
  • In this case, for example, the answer has only one S, so only the first S turned yellow.

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