Adverswordle is a free online word game in which an artificial intelligence attempts to guess the word you are considering typing. 

Adverswordle relieves you of the burden of determining the five-letter word and instead places it on an AI opponent. Simply generate a random five-letter word and launch the game. The AI will then start guessing games. You will click on a letter until it turns green if it is correct and in the correct position. If you click on a letter that is correct but in the wrong place, it will turn yellow. As you proceed, the AI will continue to make guesses based on your responses, much like you do in Wordle.

How to play

However, there is one distinction between Wordle and Adverswordle: there is no limit to how many times the AI can guess. So, instead of simply stumping your opponent in under five tries, see how long you can keep the AI guessing. With an infinite number of resources to refer to, it is only a matter of time, or guesses, before the AI finally guesses the correct word.


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