Framed is a new puzzle game where you have to figure out the name of a movie from just one frame. challenges users to guess the movie based on a single screenshot of a scene.

Framed is one of the newest. It is similar to Wordle but has a slightly different twist. You'll still only have six guesses and limited information to figure out the answer, but you'll be guessing about movies.

Framed is about individual stills, or frames, from movies that are always changing. Some start off with a lot going on, while others will need careful analysis and a good knowledge of trivia to solve. Every time you make a wrong guess, a new still from the movie is shown. Hopefully, this will give you enough extra information and context to guess the right title.

How to play

You may need a little help to figure out today's Framed answer since you only have six guesses. We've included some hints that will help you figure out the name of the movie we chose for today's puzzle:

  • Look at the picture for today.
  • Guess, and if you're right, you'll see the rewards screen.
  • If you get it wrong, you get five more chances, and each one shows a different still.

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